Yari Stilo (en)

Homing Pigeon and Friends
by Yari Stilo

Maximum of 4 people in each section, pre-booking required.

Thursday 7th

1st section > 5 pm
2nd section > 8 pm
3rd section > 9 pm

Friday 8th

1st section > 5 pm
2nd section > 6.30 pm
3rd section > 7.30 pm


Homing Pigeon and Friends is a performative video installation for four audience members. Maintaining the original timeline of a screen capture made while surfing the Web, Yari Stilo displaces himself through time and space attempting a conversation with things, animals and people. A full video projection, a huge sofa and a big book are the performance’s tools that are present in this live negotiation with the audience. Through the use of sound, physicality, sight and more, the audience is encouraged to move between the screen and their personal space. Could exhausting the self from itself allow something more than just monologues between the self? Could the same choreography create a conversation that takes space and subjects into consideration each time?

Concept, editing, choreography and performance: Yari Stilo
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Tango with Lions
Mentoring: Peter Mills
Supported by DOCH and MAKOR’18

Beware that this performance is a system for negotiation and participation. The performance has English texts. Part of the performance can be done into Italian, English, Spanish or French (to be agreed in each section).

BIO Yari Stilo

Yari is a performer and choreographer in the fields of dance and interdisciplinary art. In the last thirteen years he has been working around Europe as a dancer and performer. His artistic interests often concern the questions of identity, body image and self representation. He is inspired by people and their capacity to connect to each other. He is charmed by the tools that we use and how they become extensions of the self. Yari is currently studying for a Master in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts.

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