The Warped Surface (en)

The Warper Surface

saturday 9th > at 9.30 pm

warped surface photo Enrico Gallina
(photo Enrico Gallina)


Concept Elena Giannotti
Choreography Max Barachini and Elena Giannotti
Dance Max Barachini
Sound Spartaco Cortesi
Light design Massimiliano Calvetti


THE WARPED SURFACE is a solo for a men, Max.
The solo begins without the presence of the audience: the first part is without witnesses and unseen.
The 35 minute solo on stage is the second part, where a voice score has been made by observing the dancer performing the choreography. The dancer chases the movement and the voice, overtaking and overlapping his own choreography. The performer, like Adam, relates to his own knowledge and manifestation. The dictation is not thorough or exhaustive of what happens. The performer is immersed in a more complex physical dilemma.

Production Company Blu with the support of Atelier delle Arti Livorno


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