Infiorescenze (en)


Infiorescence is a project by Ester Braga and Francesca Antonino, which has been working in the area of Bologna since a couple of years by involving several local artists to create a network of shared practises, open to any type of level.

The workshops take place from 10am to 12:30am

These workshops are open to everyone

Thursday 7

Francesco Manenti

Color is a means of exercising a direct influence on the soul. Color is a button, the eye is a hammer striking it, the soul is the instrument with a thousand strings. (Kandinsky)

Each individual “perceives” color in a different way. The color interpretation varies from individual to individual. Even the same person can perceive the color differently at different moments and according to the mood. The same color can therefore create different feelings.
This lab is a journey through color and body images.
We will use the color and influence it has on our unconscious to activate image views. Through the movement and the simple observation we will work to find a dialogue between the body and the mind by taking into account the body and the fragility of its equilibrium.

BIO Francesco Manenti

Painter and Performer. He works in the field of theater, performance and visual arts.
Graduated at the Professional Training Course in Noveau Cirque, at the Bologna School of Art Galante Garrone. He studies and deepens Contact Improvisation following the seminars of D. Heitkamp and Benno Voorham.
Since 2010 he has followed the work of dancer Butoh Masaki Iwana attending his intensive workshops at L’Atelier du Butoh Blanc in Normandy.
WTTL (World Theater Training Library), an international master at UNAM University in Mexico City with the aim of developing theatrical pedagogy under the artistic direction of Master Yuri Alschitz. He studies martial arts (Kung Fu, Tai Ji Quan Chen Style); He graduated as Dao Yin Fa Qi Gong Teacher at the Tao Yin School in Italy.
In 2008 he co-founded the BROCKENHAUS PROJECT company ( He worked and still works as an interpreter for some of the most interesting Italian and foreign companies such as Sosta Palmizi (Giorgio Rossi), Pantakin (Michele Modesto Casarin), Teatro Kismet Opera (Teresa Ludovico), Company Mafalda (Teresa Rotenberg), Parallel Theater (Stefano Cenci), Riccardo Palmieri, Pierr Nosari (Acid Alteri), Maria Carpaneto, Company Dimitri Canessa.
At the same time he conducts personal research in the field of visual arts.

Friday 8

“Alone we die”
LAB with Ester Braga and Francesca Antonino

With the theory of the many we must accept that reality is only interaction (Carlo Rovelli)

Producing, thinking, being, is only possible in an acknowledgment context. Practice is the place where things take place. The relationship is where the things are. Not me, not you, but the space between us. Body density, time as quality, space as a relationship. The LAB will lead the participants through a progressive process of experimenting the gesture into a place of attention and listening in the crossing of different energies.
The desire to love breaks in my heart
Alone we die

BIO Francesca Antonino

Dancer and performer, is formed in Europe, mainly in Paris and Amsterdam. Back in Italy, she attends “Scriptures for Contemporary Dance” training course with Raffaella Giordano. She has collaborated with Dancewoods, Why Company, Daniele Albanese, and OTE – Le Saracinesche. In June 2015 she is selected for the Venice Biennale College Dance, working with the choreographer Salva Sanchis, who finds her in Florence in the fall of 2016 for a professional dancers’ lab. She works with Laura Pante at C.U.T.E., a choreographic project that crosses different body states in instant composition, in continuous dialogue with sound, managed live on the scene. The project, selected for Choreographic Collision 7, with the tutoring of Stefano Tommasini and Cristina Rizzo, went on stage between February and October 2016 at LAC for Lugano in Scena and Milano Oltre. Francesca is part of the choreographic community project Virgilio Sieni Ballo 1890_Natura Morta, which went on stage in Autumn 2016 for the Vie Festival in Modena and in January 2017 for the Arena del Sole in Bologna. She works as an interpreter for Roberta Zerbini – Ekodanza, in a female trio entitled Per-correndo. She is founder and member of Agostino Bontà, a collective of artists associated with Sosta Palmizi. After the first solo, Little Star – with the support of PerAspera and Maison 22 – the new Apollo 13 research project (provisional title) is selected in December 2016 by Research X, Workplace and Research created by Carlotta Scioldo and Erika Di Crescenzo, with the support of the Lavanderia a Vapore in Turin (Piemonte dal Vivo). She collaborates with Balletto Civile, Michela Lucenti and Cough Theater in Orfeo Rave production (June 2017).

BIO Ester Braga

Ester is a dancer, teacher, yoga practitioner and various movement disciplines. In 2011 she moved to London where she specializes in contemporary dance and performing arts at the Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance. The course of study leads her to achieve with praise the Post-Graduate Diploma in Community Dance that enables her to teach dance in any educational, social and cultural context. During his stay in London, Ester worked for both the Trinity Laban Education Department and the Royal Academy Dance as a teacher of the Contemporary Youth Company. In addition to participating as a performer in various projects and collaborations with several artists (choreographers, visual artists, musicians), in May 2013, Ester joins Arts Odyssey Dance Company as a choreographer and performer. After returning to Italy, Ester comes together with Francesca Antonino of the Infiorescenze network, a project that fosters the sharing of practices and collaboration between dancers and teachers working in the Bologna area. In April 2015 he started working with the Sharazàd Cultural Center in Bologna as a contemporary dance teacher. His research and approach to the moving body is deeply contaminated by the study of yoga and Play-Fight practice. Currently, Ester is in a training course with Bruno Caverna, Brazilian teacher and dancer, creator and founder of Play-Fight and Formless Arts.

Saturday 9

“From pleasure to creativity”
with Marianna Miozzo

“The Pleasure” of D’Annunzio reminds us that pleasure is delightful, is simple but also disruptive.

In this workshop I would like to work from the pleasure connected to both the sphere of corporeality and mental and intellectual.
Pleasure is real when we do not realize its own causes, its effects or its limits, and when we experience it through dance, our movement takes on unexpected lightness, taking who is observing to unexplored zones.
What movement gives us instant pleasure? When creativity, understood as re-orientation, takes the place of pleasure in a productive direction?

Participants will investigate their poetic,their  intimate quality that transports towards the imaginary, the symbolic capable of shaking, of cracking expectations: of dis-pleasure.

BIO Marianna Miozzo

Dancer, choreographer and teacher. She graduated at the Madrid Conservatory of Fine Arts Mariemma, she studied and continues to be in constant training with several artists in Europe and beyond. As a dancer, she worked with the company LA CABRA (Argentina/ Spain), the company NADA QUE VER (Spain), the choreographers Pedro Berdayes, Jose Reches and Sharon Fridman. She collaborated with WHY DANCE COMPANY and LA POCHANOSTRA (Mexico). She has also collaborated with actors of the Italian scene of research’s theater such as Stefano Vercelli and Silvia Pasello. Since 2012 she started her path as a choreographer presenting: AGAIN show co-created with Marina Meinero and Marco Marzaioli on tour between Palestine, Italy and France. LITOST-the otherness, created in collaboration with the writer and psychoanalyst Gabriele Dalla Barba and the musitian Meike Clarelli, finalist at Outlet Award 2016 . FISICA DI UN LEGAME, performance by Marianna Miozzo and Suzanne Foster. Her last work is La Vedova, a wider project of a “figure” which manifests its self in various formats. Since 2005 she has conducted workshops, classes and contact improvisation classes for professionals, amateurs and children in Italy and abroad. In 2011 she founded Dancewoods, an art platform that produces projects and performances and works closely with Artisti Drama to manage Drama Theater.

Sunday 10

“Yes, I’m a witch”
LAB with Francesca Penzo

The lab offers body practices of different traditions, with the aim of using these techniques as tools to let go and free up their physical and spiritual potential. It explores what it means to let go, to abandon, to release energy and to build it new, regenerate through intense and celebrative physical practice. Through improvising techniques the body will cross various states in a physical and sensory process. You will come to the creation of a collective ritual where you will lose the boundaries of your body and your perception to explore a new way of being a group, a tactile surface, a changeable and sensual form, a live celebration of a common breath. The workshop is addressed to all interested, attentive and curious about the body as a source of knowledge and experimentation.

BIO Francesca Penzo

Choreographer and performer lives between Bologna and Berlin. After graduating from Paolo Grassi Academy in Milan in 2009 and a degree in Culture and Human Rights at the Faculty of Political Science in Bologna, she founded the Fattoria Vittadini dance company based in Milan. She worked with Lucinda Childs, Maya Weinberg, Matanicola, Maya Carrol, Giulio D’Anna and Enzo Cosimi in the Reconstruction Italian Choreography program.
At the moment she is developing an autobiography as a choreographer and teacher in collaboration with visual artists, musicians and light designers. She wins the NEXT Lombardia bidding in 2015 when he joins the Antibodies XL of Emilia Romagna.
Her work is presented at various festivals including Mirabilia Festival, MILANOLTRE Festival, Urban Dance, Mainz Festival, 100Grad Festival Berlin. In 2017 her new production is supported by Fattoria Vittadini and the CID of Rovereto.