T.I.N.A. (en)

by Giselda Ranieri

Friday 8th > 9 pm

preview / 30 min.


T.I.N.A. Is a dialogue on the thread between real and visionary, a confrontation between personal and social with ironic and dreamlike overtones, is a woman who tries to be defined as one thousand drops of suspension. A short, not serious and not facetious work, between word and gesture, epic and ordinary, Order and chaos.

BIO Giselda Ranieri

She was born in Genoa in 1983. Graduated in Dance Disciplines and dancing at DAMS in Bologna with the historian of dance Eugenia Casini Ropa. Since 2008 she researches in the field of instant composition Often collaborating with the Takla Improvising Group (Small Wonders, PULSI Festival, Triennale Bovisa residence – Milan) and with Musicians (Enrico Intra, Giovanni Falzone, Filippo Monico, Giancarlo Locatelli, Elia Moretti). She is among the founding members of UBIdanza / Aline Nari and Davide Frangioni with whom has been working in the company since 2008. Since 2010 she has been working with ALDES Company / Roberto Castello to which she is Associate artist since 2014. From 2014 she collaborated with Romanian choreographer Cosmin Manolescu for the project European E-Motional: rethinking dance and Fragile. In 2015 her work  I … I? / Give me a moment wins the prize BEST DIRECTION at the ACT Festival in Bilbao.

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